University of Edinburgh Business School

Project Dissemination Event

The dissemination seminar in February 2011 was used to present the initial data analysis and focused on families and food as well as looking at domestic routines and representations of family life. Of particular interest were prescriptive rules and subjects that personify the discourse and the practices around food, lifestyle consumption that form and reform the ‘family’ as an idea.

The complex nature of the data has required us to identify key themes within the material and these were used as the basis for the dissemination. The Discursive Families team presented on representation of the family; feeding and the family; technology and the family, and motherhood. A number of distinguished speakers were invited to participate and present their work on family to an assembled audience including researchers from marketing and business, sociology, health policy, education, geography and history.

The two day workshop generated lively discussion and involved 35 participants and a total of 12 presentations.